What is the Concept?

We all know when we miss a friend birthday, or any other presents to anyone. This concept should remind users of upcoming birthday and provide ideas for products and gift for each person automaicily.


How it Works?

How app Works?

Insert your friend's name, age, gender and budget for the gift and it will come with a notification x days before your friends Birthday, with ideas for gifts for the recipient. Gender, age etc. taken into account.

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    Birthday Reminder

    is the free app for Android that will help you never forget the birthday of your friends or family.

    Why have an app dedicated to birthdays? It’s true, Facebook reminds you of birthdays or you can save them in the calendar. But all your family and friends have Facebook? How many commitments do you save in the calendar between work, family, etc.? So it is easy to forget about some birthday or to buy a gift.

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    Don't know your
    friends birthday?

    • Get your personal link, and share with your friends so they can add their birthdays to your birthday reminder app!
    • Share your link by message, email, stories or social network! Through your personal link your friends can add their birthdays to your list!
    • Choice only the birthdays that you want in your list and accept them!
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    Let us find the
    present for you

    Celebrate your friends’ birthday by sending them the most suitable birthday card, you can choose from dozens of greeting cards included in your birthday reminder app! Choose the one you like best and match it with a birthday greeting phrase or write your own!

    Every time you don’t know what to give to your family or a friend for their birthday? Yet if you think about it how many times have you happened to walk around the shops and think: this would be just fine for him! Or even to hear him talk about what he likes or would like to have or that they would give him? With Birthday Reminder and its gift ideas collector you no longer have to worry about being unprepared!


Birthday Reminder speaks your Language

Birthday Reminder is translated into more than 20 languages. Can you help us with the translations? Contact us!



6.59K Reviews

  • Colin Hayden

    Birthday reminder apps are plentiful, to which I have had a few over the years. However, this particular app has got the potential of being the very best there is out there, the only set-back to which I think is a problem that can be put right, is for the notification for reminders to be located in the notification panel, where you can actually see it, to which it will remain until you dismiss it yourself, otherwise excellent app .

  • Shine Iris

    it's not that bad of an app but I'd really like the option of editing the auto info like the zodiac sign... it's really bugging me because it's not the zodiac sign of my friend and I just have the urge to change it but I can't... A count down to the B-Day would awesome if it were a widget. I'd like the avatar also to be customized but all in all great app...


    It is a good application, l have bought the pro version, please add repeating options for events that are not anual events. Examples like hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. Thank you. Sammy, Ghana.